Sooner Or Later

sooner or later definition: 1. used to say that you do not know exactly when something will happen, but you are certain that it. Learn more.

Sooner or Later is full of s schmaltz--Michael's songs sound like a cross between Electric Light Orchestra and the Starland Vocal Band--but it's also an extremely well written and /5().

Define sooner or later. sooner or later synonyms, sooner or later pronunciation, sooner or later translation, English dictionary definition of sooner or later. adv. soon·er, soon·est 1. a. In the near future; shortly: The bus should be here soon. b.

Sooner or later definition: If you say that something will happen sooner or later, you mean that it will happen at | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

After all, every previous alliance, coalition, entente, empire, community, or monetary union of European states has collapsed sooner or later.: In the city the snow had long lost its Persil whiteness, and seemed bruised by the dirt and smog that seeps into everything here sooner or later.: The outcome for a particular planetary system might be wildly different if the nebular gas is expelled.

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  1.  · Sooner or Later: Directed by Bruce Hart. With Denise Miller, Rex Smith, Barbara Feldon, Judd Hirsch. Thirteen-year-old Jessie is in love with Michael, a year-old guitar instructor and aspiring musician. When she finally captures his interest, she lies and tells him she's But what will Michael do when he discovers the truth?/10().

  2. At some future time or other; eventually. This expression dates from the sixteenth century and has long been a cliché. Joseph Addison used it in The Spectator in “The dying Man is one whom, sooner or later, we shall certainly resemble.”.

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