Straight To The Head

take it to the head. pouring shots in a glass at once and taking it straight down the hacth!! don't be a bitch take it to the head. by jboswell Novem. Flag. Get a take it to the head mug for .

1. Of an accomplishment, to cause one to become arrogant. Yeah, you did a good job on that project, but don't let it go to your head. 2. To cause one to feel dizzy or tipsy. If I don't eat something, this drink will go right to my head. See also: go, head, to.

 · Straight to the Head captures that past in obsessive detail. From the BowMac sign in “the baking hellscape of West Broadway’s concrete desert” to the Venus Theatre and steaks at Trader Vic.

 · BETHESDA, Md. — The old adage claiming alcohol “goes straight to the head” is actually true according to new research. Scientists say booze breaks down in the brain, rather than the liver. The finding turns previous theories upside down and scientists believe it holds the key to combating binge drinking and alcoholism.

Straight to my head, straight to my Goin' straight to my head, goin' straight to my head I'll tap the breaks if you want to Set a place that we can move to Signs of turbulence in the distance Wouldn't know where to start to replace this Submit Corrections. Thanks to Lc for correcting these lyrics.

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  1.  · Unlike Nixon’s first novel, a noir set in s Montreal, Straight to the Head takes place in Vancouver in and Author: Jennifer Croll.

  2. Straight to My Head Lyrics: You go straight to my head / Make yourself at home there / 'Cause you're going nowhere / Like what you've done with / The place I lay my bones / Where you are, I call.

  3. Definition. to head straight to (the beach): to make directly for, to go without diversion to, to travel unswervingly to (the beach) idiom. I'm headed straight to the party after work, so I .

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